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My name is Dustin James, and I've been able to combine several passions into a successful marketing service specifically geared towards small businesses, agricultural operations, non-profits, and others.

Growing up in rural Western Maine, I was exposed to a variety of small businesses, many of which were agricultural in nature. Several of my clients are family-owned or agricultural based businesses, and these ventures are often overlooked under-promoted. Through my services I bring these partners to the forefront.  It is time to bring back the "American Dream": family-owned businesses that are the backbone of our nation and economy!

DKJ Marketing Solutions is not a brick and mortar business and we are anything but ordinary. We pride ourselves on being flexible, adaptive, and diverse. This business revolves around YOU. The sky's the limit and with our help, we will help you reach it.

Whether you own a business, provide a service, run a non-profit or simply have an important event you need to promote, we can help! If it's something completely different, no problem, just ask. We are extremely flexible and have resources in many different fields. 

Your time and priorities are important. We will work around your schedule and timeframes. At DKJ Marketing Solutions, YOU are number one! 

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

— Albert Einstein
   26th National Belted Galloway Sale - April 2016 - Fryeburg, Maine (    Example of Event Photography/Promotion)

26th National Belted Galloway Sale - April 2016 - Fryeburg, Maine (Example of Event Photography/Promotion)


To best serve our clients we may from time to time collaborate on your project with our partners at Agri-Exposure LLC. 

Agri-Exposure LLC is a leader in the Agri-Marketing industry and we are honored to team up with Kaye and her team. Their expertise and quality services are a huge asset.  Agri-Exposure is located in Harrodsburg, KY. 

Agri-Exposure is your "one stop shop" for your professional beef cattle needs. Centrally located just south of Lexington, KY we are able to house donor cows, collect and photograph/video your a.i. sires, board and prepare your show/sale cattle and offer premium consulting and graphic design services. With extensive national experience with numerous breeds from the most popular to some of the rarest, we are able to get you the results you demand in a professional manner. Our business principles are simple, we treat you and your cattle as we would want to be treated and we offer our services where ethics and open communications are top priority. No customer too small, too new, or too rare.